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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Emi Harrington

These little slippers are the product of watching a 6 minute YouTube video by Emi Harrington. She has hundreds of videos on knitting and crochet demonstrating just about anything you would want or need to know.

My crochet skills have slowly, and I mean slowly, developed over the course of 20 years. However, I learned more and came to a greater understanding of how it all works in a 6 minute video than I have from any book or online tutorial.

I think she's pretty amazing. She even has her own Wikipedia page, so other folks must think she's pretty amazing too. Apparently, she was one of the first Etsy shop owners in 2008. I'm awestruck because she so well exemplifies how with nothing more than a video camera and an Internet connection anyone can author original content to an authentic audience--the hallmark of 21st century learning.

I believe she was instrumental in growing the handmade market as well. She writes on her website that when she began selling her knit and crochet products, people started asking her for the pattern. This shifted her work to include the creation of simple patterns with few increases and decreases that still retain a high cute factor. She designs her patterns for crafters to quickly master and reproduce for their own local markets and Etsy shops.

I just love women who through their own greatness pave the way for others' greatness as well. Emi, you rock!

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