She believed she could. So she did.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Week in Pictures October 1

Campsite #92 at The Vineyards Campground

The 1st night was gorgeous - 80 degrees and no wind. We got set up, grilled turkey sausage, onions and bell peppers. Anna-Jane ran all around and had a great time roasting marshmellows for smores. The weather was perfect. A day later it would be a chilly 50 degrees. That's Texas, right?
All this summer I was obsessing about getting a kayak. Thought it was probably time to try it out in real life before actually hitting Craigslist. It's exactly what I thought - total fun.
Feeding the ducks. And, just look at those long shapely legs. Where did those come from?

Big Tex and Deep Fried Red Velvet Cupcake


Practiced 5 times and got to pick out of Miss April's treasure chest. Good work! Check out the dance leotard.

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