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Monday, July 9, 2012

Kale Orange Avocado Salad Heaven Awesomeness

Are you noticing a theme here? Since our real-life brush with what felt like a House episode, I'm working to get as many vitamins and super foods in Wendy Dee as possible. This recipe came from and it is the most delicious salad yet in this odyssey of green unprocessed stuff that we are taking. The author of the blog is a Cordon Bleu chef and freelance food writer who focuses on food from community supported agriculture. Dear Higher Power of the Universe: in my next life, in addition to being taller and having thicker hair, may I please be paid to eat food? Anyway, she writes that the secret to kale is to massage in that dressing and then let it sit and soak in for awhile. It's so thick with chewy green goodness that it doesn't get soaked or wilty. Delish! The beautiful picture is from her website. Tomorrow's menu: heirloom tomatoes and black-eyed peas.

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