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Saturday, June 23, 2012

R V there yet?

Fun family summer vacay at Daingerfield State Park. Here's the run down: rode scooters, went swimming in scary 3rd world like country swimming hole (I wore shoes and couldn't convince Anna-Jane of the virtues of such until the last day). Bleh. Anna-Jane swam all the way from the shore to the diving dock about 100 yards away. Brave, determined girl. Cooked out--fried chicken with grilled corn, fresh tomatoes, coleslaw, hamburgers and hotdogs. Visited Jefferson, TX and rode the carriage and took the Bayou boat ride. Drove around and fantasized about owning a B&B in town (but thinking about cleaning up after other people kinda icks me out so will have to continue to develop that daydream.) Ate at the Hamburger store (if you ever go there, hope you are not in a big hurry), Catfish Village in Ore City, made pancakes, ate lots of ice cream, went fishing and hiking, took a nap, and picked blueberries at Greer's Farm, a u-pick CSA. Just thinking about it all wears me out. Mark your calendar and let's do it all again next year. Wahoo!

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